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Meet the Staff of Chardon Motors

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Phil Vaughan Jr. - President

440-285-2699 - phil@chardonmotors.com

Hello, I am Phil, owner of Chardon Motors. My father Phil Sr. started Chardon Motors in 1989 with the premise that he could supply our neighborhood with better cars and trucks than folks could find for themselves anywhere else. He wanted to have his own used car business ever since I can remember. He wanted to have a friendly atmosphere where people felt comfortable whether they were there to buy or just stopped by to chat. A business with integrity to all. During high school, I professionally started out as a porter in a new car store, and after graduating in 1985 went on to install various accessories in vehicles for a large aftermarket company in the Cleveland area, then as a tech working in the cell phone industry, to finally land here at Chardon Motors in 1990 shortly after my dad got started. He taught me very well. How to treat people. How to find only the best cars and trucks, how to persevere throughout the years, and the most important thing personally (integrity). I firmly believe in his high quality ethics. It carries over into what I have strived to do as owner since the beginning of 2007. Personally things like, trust, integrity, and mutual respect are the operating principles I live by. I am happily married for 29 years now. I believe in doing what you say and believing in what you do. I have over 35 years of experience working around cars, and even though this is a tough job I just love what I do. I feel like I get to help people in a very interesting and important way. Feel free to contact me anytime. Thank you to all my valued customers, Phil Vaughan Jr.